Medicine that Changes the World

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It’s time for great innovations.
It’s time to accelerate their impact.
It’s time to deliver better care to all.
Will you lead with us?

On September 29, 2012, together with Duke University, Duke Medicine embarked on a historic five-year drive to cement our position as a global leader in discovery, clinical care, and education. Just as our success depends on the collaboration of our doctors, nurses, and scientists, we need your help to realize our full potential for innovation.

We seek to raise $1.2 billion in support of the people and programs that will enable Duke Medicine to overcome challenges and move the world forward in better health.

We live in a time of unprecedented scientific and technological progress. At the same time, health care has become vastly more complex. The forces of globalization and interconnectivity that have accelerated our progress have brought new challenges. Our success in treating cancer has increased the need for chronic care for growing ranks of survivors. Genomics has made possible ever more personalized and precise care. And the U.S. health care system has entered a rare moment of redefinition. This remarkable convergence of opportunity and challenge comes just as an economic downturn has pared back the sources of money that have traditionally fueled discovery and innovation.

Now more than ever, it’s up to people like us—the extended Duke Medicine family—to seize the opportunities afforded by science and technology.


Your help will expand our pipeline of scientific research and accelerate its time to human impact.

Clinical Care:

Your help will advance new models of care delivery and prevention to improve the health of individuals and communities.


Your help will prepare the next generation of leaders in medicine and health care.

And your help will fulfill an imperative of our founders: the delivery of evidence-based, compassionate care to all segments of the population, here and around the world. Together, we can deliver on our promise of medicine that changes the world.

All gifts to Duke Medicine will contribute to the success of our historic campaign. We seek endowed funds that support faculty research and provide student scholarships; outright gifts to fuel research, recruit young faculty, and construct new buildings; unrestricted support for research and education; and planned gifts to sustain excellence across our missions of research, education, and patient care.